KIMCHI (Koreans Invested in Making Caregivers Health Important)



KIMCHI is an educational outreach project on different health topics tailored to the Korean American culture for caregivers and other stakeholders that serve Korean Americans. 




Our Goal

The goal of “KIMCHI” is to help Korean Americans learn more about healthy cognitive aging, dementia caregiving, advanced care planning, and how to better care for themselves and their loved ones. 



Why is KIMCHI important?

It can be difficult to find information about caregiving and advanced directives that is
- Accurate
- Updated
- In Korean

KIMCHI will share this information for Korean American caregivers and family members so they can feel comfortable using the new research to better care for themselves and their loved ones. 




What can care look like?

Care we mean assisting with different tasks like bathing, cooking, or other things that help this person's daily life. Care can also include making phone calls, providing transportation, or staying nearby to keep the person calm or safe. The care you provide can be in person, or from a distance if you don't live with the person who needs this care.


Meet Our Team 

Dr. Van Ta Park 
Project Lead 


Dr. Eun Jeong Lee
Community Lead 

Asian American Resource and Information Network, Inc. [AARIN]

Dr. Hye-Won Shin
Community Lead  

Somang Society

Dr. Bora Nam
Research Project Manager 


Nicole Phan
Project Policy Analyst 


Bobin Kim
Research Analyst


Stacy Yun
Research Intern




Scientific Advisors

Dr. Goldman Rosas

University of Florida, Gainesville

Dr. Glenn Smith

University of Florida, Gainesville

Dr. Rebecca L. Sudore


Dr. Quyen Tiet

California School of Professional Psychology

Quyen N. Vuong, MBA, MSW, ASW

International Children
Assistance Network (ICAN)



Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)